I am a hardworking, detail oriented, clean and thoughtful designer. I take immense pride in my work. I am also a mother to an amazing 17 year old son, a good daughter, friend, partner, and co-worker. I believe in surrounding myself with people that are better, smarter, and more talented than I am to ensure that I will grow as a person, stretch my thinking, and keep inspiring my creativity.

I have worked as a freelance designer for around 9 years. This is a good fit for me because it gives me the opportunity to work on several different styles of projects with several different types of clients. That said, I’d like to tell you a little more about myself.

I enjoy fishing as long as I don’t actually have to touch the fish. I lead a full and active life. I like jazz and blues and people watching with my son at outdoor concerts. I like camping where I can drag out a cooler and firewood...not foraging for berries or walking for miles. I enjoy water of all kinds; river, lake, ocean, tap, sparkling, bottled or iced. I have realistic expectations and goals. I use real bug spray and not the natural kind that does not work. I forget to put on sunscreen.  Most of my clothes have paint on them since I’ve been a painter for 15 years and teach at an art studio one night per week. I love being a graphic designer.


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